6 essentials to pack in your in-flight bag

Picture the scene … you’re at the airport, excited, nervous and a bit sleepy, about to board an 11 hour flight to Thailand and – shock, horror! You realise you’ve forgotten to pack your earphones in your carry-on bag and you’ve now got to brave 11 hours of babies crying, people eating and the guy next to you snoring.

There nothing worse! So, to save you from that hell, we’ve compiled a fool-proof list of everything you need to pack in your in-flight bag so that you’re prepared for all eventualities. You’re welcome.

Comfy socks

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got 500 pairs of fluffy socks that you pretty much live in while you’re lounging around at home, so don’t forget to pop a pair of those in your bag before you go and your feet will be so grateful when you’re at 35,000 feet and trying to get some zeds in. Pro tip: make sure they cover your ankles too, for added comfort!


Pretty obvious. But really, let’s not pretend that there hasn’t been the odd time when we’ve forgotten them for a train journey and spent the whole journey dwelling in regret and contemplating buying a £5 pair for the return journey. Noise-cancelling ones are best for flights and they really do work but any earphones are better than no earphones so don’t feel like you need to splash out. Just don’t forget them!

An eye mask

If you’ve never tried an eye mask to sleep in – you’re missing out! They’re great for sleeping in dorms, on planes and anywhere you might try to sneak a nap. There’s loads of different fabrics and styles you can try. Our faves are the silky-soft ones but you can also get some that leave a space between the mask and your eyes for maximum comfort.

A portable charger

Really handy and they give you a bit of extra peace-of-mind, too. Especially if you’ve got more than one device, these are a god-send, but do make sure you fully charge yours before you leave for the airport!

Face/hand/body lotion

Keeping your skin hydrated is very important during flights because of the damage that air-con can do. We recommend a face mist, hand cream and body lotion (if you have room). You can always nip to the bathroom to apply body lotion to your arms/ankles/neck or do it in your seat if there’s nobody next to you!

A book/tablet/e-reader

Tablets and e-readers are better for space-saving, of course, but any of the above is fine. Reading is obviously a perfect time-consuming exercise and it’s also a great sleep-aid so it’s an important addition to your in-flight bag!



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