Word Travellers: Lauren’s Story

I’m thrilled to introduce Lauren as our next real life TEFL blogger. Lauren is an intrepid solo traveller with her own teaching abroad and travel blog – let’s get to know her a bit  better!

Hey Lauren, what attracted you to long term travel?

I felt increasingly frustrated with my two weeks of holiday time every year and after I’d spent the 2,319th day in a row staring at a map and dreaming of all the places I wanted to visit, I knew I had to make a change. Four years later, I finished my degree, quit my job and took off to travel the world!

Do you have a favourite destination so far? Why?

Either the Philippines or Thailand. They’re both incredibly cheap, have fantastic weather, amazing beaches, extremely friendly locals and awesome food. Perfection!

How do you figure out your budget as you move around? I’m really terrible at budgeting for travel. I look through my bank statements at the end of the month and if I’ve spent over $1000 then I try and cut out some treats over the next month to balance it out…

How would you rate your experience so far?

Definitely a 10. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never felt happier.

Are you the same person as one year ago?

I am the complete opposite! My social skills have improved dramatically, I no longer freak out about everything bad that happens to me, I’m more patient, more tolerant, and much more awesome!

Would you rather do a bungee jump or swim with sharks?

I’d much rather swim with sharks – I’m afraid of heights.

What is your favourite type of cheese and why?

Extra Mature Cheddar because it makes my tongue tingle with joy.

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