How to Let Your Parents Know You’re Teaching English Abroad

There really is no easy way to let your parents know that you’re going to teach English abroad – especially if it’s on the other side of the world!  Whilst it may be difficult, there are ways of showing them the positives and helping them to see that it’s going to be really beneficial in the long run.  Not sure how?  Take a look at our tips on how to let your parents know you’re teaching English abroad!

1. Accentuate the positive

Make sure your parents understand that completing a respected TEFL course and heading off to teach English abroad is a great way to improve your CV, gain confidence and see the world.  It also has an uncanny way of opening up opportunities worldwide.  Many people take a TEFL internship and end up falling in love with the lifestyle, getting better-paid jobs and becoming a globetrotter; but even more people venture off to teach for a few years before moving back home, and find that it’s helped them to gain a good position, as job prospects are better.

2. Get your information together

Nothing breeds fear of the unknown like uncertainty, so before you tell your parents your plans, make sure you actually have a plan in place and some interesting, inspirational and in-depth information to show them – this counts for double if you’re going to be asking them for some cash.  If for instance, you’re thinking of teaching English in China, find a few good TEFL job vacancies, show them what the average salaries and cost of living (you can find all of this in our guide to teaching English in China).  If you’re excited about your proposed trip, it shows them how you’ve though it through, and they’re much more likely to get onside and be supportive.

3. Invite them over to visit

Have a look at the cost of flights and get your parents excited about them visiting you, and the places you’ll be able to take them to.  It’ll be best for them to visit once you’ve settled in and stopped feeling ridiculously homesick – but once you’ve gotten a job and everything is good to go; you could all sit down and book out flights so that you know it’s definitely happening.

4. Make sure they know about Skype!

Staying in touch while you’re overseas has become a lot easer in recent years, and Skype is a real parent-pleaser.  If you can find a reliable WiFi connection, you’ll be in business and your parents will be much happier with your decision to teach overseas.  You can also set up a free blog on TEFL Chalkboard and keep in touch with friends and family on there.

5. Explain that it’s not forever

Even if you’re planning on teaching English overseas for the next 20 years, don’t tell your parents that!  Tell them you’ll be away for a year or two maximum, then you’ll head home with a lifetime of amazing stories, an address book of friends from around the world, and a CV that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

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