3 Ways to Change Your Life with a TEFL Course

See what we did there?  Flip?  Like a pancake?  Like the picture…?

All puns aside, there is a serious note to this, with i-to-i TEFL courses flipping (last one, promise) brilliant and they can make a huge difference to your life.  Are you wondering how your life can change so drastically just by taking a new job?  Here are 3 ways to flip your life with a TEFL course…

Reason One: It’ll help you travel the world

One of the best things about taking an i-to-i TEFL course is that it will help you travel around the world and earn money as you go.  The main reason for that is that i-to-i course are recognized by thousands of schools, universities and language institutes worldwide, so once you’ve qualified you’ll be able to work pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Don’t believe us? Check out our jobs board and you’ll see what we mean!

Reason Two: You’ll make friends from all over the world

By taking some time to travel and work overseas, you will make friends from every corner of the planet.  Not only will you meet fellow TEFLers from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA, but you’ll get to know people from the local community in your new home.  Nothing broadens the mind more than travel – except maybe travelling, teaching somewhere for a year or two, travelling again, teaching somewhere else and doing it all over again!

And Most Importantly…

Reason Three: Teaching English Overseas is WAY more fun than working

Ever heard the Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme tune?  It features the line ‘My life got flipped turned upside down’.  Well, you don’t have to have been born and raised on the mean streets of West Philadelphia to make that happen.

All it takes is a TEFL course, a passport and sense of adventure, and your life could be quite a lot different…

A regular day at the old 9-5

Crawl out of bed.  Get your nervous system working with a bad cup of Nescafe.  It’s raining again, so the traffic is awful.  Grab a bacon roll at the greasy spoon across the roadfrom the office.  Trawl through your emails.  Spend the morning in progress meetings.  No progress seems to have been made recently.  Have a ham sandwich and a packet of crisps for lunch.

Spend the afternoon watching the clock and hoping no-one will notice that you’re planning your holidays and looking for a new job.  It’s Friday, so knock off just after five and meet up with friends in a local bar to complain about work over a few drinks before picking up a Thai takeaway on the way home.

A regular day teaching English in Thailand

Wake up in an air-conditioned apartment in Bangkok.  It’s warm and sunny again.  Grab some fruit salad and spicy rice soup from the little restaurant on the corner (the owner knows you now and greats you – as always – with the words, ‘Hello English’).  Walk to the local Skytrain stop with a paper cup full of fresh pineapple juice.

Take one last look at your lesson plans and look out of the window as chaos of the Bangkok rush hour unfolds below.  Walk the last few blocks to your school with your students waving and saying ‘Hello, teacher’.  Spend the morning putting your lesson plans to life and playing games with your students.

Have lunch with fellow teachers at a local restaurant – nothing sorts you out quite like a plate of pad thai!  It’s a sunny Friday afternoon and life seems good, so you take your last two lessons of the day out into playground and teach them English numbers by playing catch.  Finish work around half past three and head over to meet a few friends on the Khao San Road.  After a few hours watching the world go by you head to the airport for a cheap flight down to Krabi and take the ferry down to Koh Phi Phi in the morning.  Palm trees.  Golden sands.  Scuba diving. Partying till sunrise.  And back to Bangkok in time for Monday morning lessons.

Ready to flip your life with a TEFL course?

Get in touch today or check out our life-changing, adventure-making Thailand TEFL Internship.

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