7 Reasons Teaching Abroad Makes You Amazing

As if you didn’t already know…

Teaching abroad really is a life-changing experience. You’ll pack up all of your worldly possessions and head off to experience a totally new adventure in a country where you’ll experience things you never, ever would have if you’d have stayed at home.  Here are the 7 reasons teaching abroad makes you amazing!

1. You’ll gather stories to tell for the rest of your life

Do you remember that time you went to a Japanese hot spring?  Or what about when you spent a month living off nothing but Pad Thai and green curry in Bangkok… and still only spent £30/$50? Or even the time when your student renamed himself Michael Jackson and performed a flamboyant version of ‘Thriller’ in class? Go make some memories.

2. You’ll open your mind

Did you ever picture yourself going to a naked sauna with 5 of your work colleagues?  How about making it a weekly occurrence?  Teaching abroad gives you the chance to experience day-to-day ‘regular’ life in another country, and you’ll be exposed to all the weird and wonderful cultural nuances that go with that.

3. You’ll gain 20+ adopted children

Plus, you’ll learn how to be a great (and crappy) parent. For the record: the withholding of sweets is not a great tactic.

4. You’ll become less materialistic

When you have to move all your stuff to another country, you’ll start to realise how little you actually need to function. This is particularly true if you’re teaching in a poorer country, where people tend to have less but be happier.

5. You’ll become more adaptable

You’ve dealt with missed flights, slow buses, bad street food and unruly children; but after a while you no longer get frustrated – instead, you just adapt your plans.  After all, sharing a bus journey with a chicken and chatting to a toothless pensioner whilst you await the 2 hour late train is half the fun!

6. You’ll become more confident

Standing up in front of a class of 30 children, when you don’t speak a word of the native tongue, is bound to be a little scary; particularly if you haven’t tried out the practical classroom experience on our TEFL course!  On the flip-side however, is the fact that making a work presentation or attending an interview back home will never be daunting again.

7. You’ll have best friends all over the world

Although you’ll miss your new friends when you return home, flight stopovers will suddenly become way more exciting as you’ll have free accommodation everywhere from New York City to Tokyo.  Not to mention, your birthday messages on Facebook will come in for a whole 2 days – yayyy!

Tell us why you think that teaching abroad makes you amazing in the comments below!



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