5 best travel Instas to follow in 2018

Check out our top 5 Instagram travel accounts for 2018! You can follow them at:

1. Best travel account with the most followers: @wonderful_places

There’s 100s of popular Instagram travel accounts out there so we’ve cherry picked @wonderful_places because of their amazing mixture of awesome photos!

2. Best extreme travel photos: @secretagent_wesanderson

Garrit Wes Anderson knows how to take a cool pic! It’s safe to say he’s an adrenaline junkie with a love of extreme sports – and he’s good with a camera!

3. Best for foodie travellers: @iamfoodietraveler

Our (secret) fave travel Insta is surprisingly all about food! Gabriela knows good food and great photos.

4. Best couple travel account: @nodestinations

Chris and Danika got up and out of their home in San Fran to travel the world. And they’ve now welcomed baby Axel to the mix!

5. Best TEFL account: @i_to_i_tefl

Well, we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by! Plus, not to blow our own trumpet but we do our best to post the best travel pics daily!

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