10 Amazing Places to Visit in 2018

Why waste any more time on your couch at home, in the time it takes you to read our list of the 10 Amazing Places To Visit In 2015, you could be booked onto i-to-‘s TEFL course, and start planning your next adventure.

1.  Take in the aerial views from Christ the Redeemer

As the largest art deco statue in the world, it should be top of the list when you visit this crazy South American country!  TEFL jobs are easier to be found once in-country, so book your tickets and head to Brazil if it’s top of your list for teaching English!

2.  Ski the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Andalucia, Spain

Arguably one of the best ski resorts in Europe; and as Spain is one of the most popular destinations for teaching English abroad (especially amongst Europeans), you’ll have no excuse not to hit the slopes!  The good news about getting to Spain?  With so many low-cost European carriers, if you search in the right places you’ll be able to get a flight to Spain for the same cost as a trip to the cinema!

3.  Head to Wieliczka salt mine

Located on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland, the site features an underground city carved completely from rock salt – choose to enter through the tourist route or miner’s route.  It’s also incredibly easy to get a TEFL job in Poland, as learning English is so important to them – plus you’ll get a true, Eastern-European experience.

4.  Sit back and relax in Goa, India

Here, you’ll find some of the most beautiful golden beaches and crystal clear seas; and whilst most TEFL jobs are around Delhi and the bigger Indian cities, cheap flights mean you can easily afford your very own tropical getaway at the weekends!

5.  Get up close and personal to an elephant

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime, taking in Thailand’s most beautiful scenery on the back of this majestic animal.  If you’re thinking about teaching English in Thailand, you’ll want to head out to the northern regions as this is where most of the TEFL jobs can be found.

6.  See giant pandas

Head out to Chengdu in China to see giant pandas in their natural habitat.  Thinking about TEFLing in China?  Take a look at our China country guide to find out everything from the cost of living to the standard of accommodation!

7.  Island hopping in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Thousands of islands featuring hollow caves, large lakes and even floating villages of fishermen – you could even try teaching English to them!

8.  Lose yourself in a real-life fairytale, France’s Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is essentially a beautiful land of Medieval and Renaissance châteaux’s.  France is a great destination for teaching English abroad if you’ve got some TEFL experience; but most positions involve teaching Kindergarten kids; or combine babysitting.

9.  Mount Fuji, Japan

Take on the heights of Japan’s highest mountain standing at 12,388 feet; all whilst finding yourself an amazing TEFL job here!

10.  The Blue Mosque, Turkey

Visit one of Turkey’s most famous landmarks, named after the blue Iznik tiles adorning its interior; located in Istanbul, one of the top destinations for English teachers in Turkey.

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