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52 Amazing Things to do Abroad in 2015

New year, fresh start and there’s plenty to be done!  It’s a great time to reflect on what you achieved in 2014 and plan what you want to do in 2015.

So, if you’re sitting in an office wondering which spreadsheet to tackle next, we’ve come up with 52 amazing things to do abroad in 2015 (1 for each week), once you’ve made the decision to teach English abroad.  Even if you’re teaching abroad right now, get ready to start ticking these off!

1) Book a TEFL course – just think of it as your round-the-world ticket
2) Make friends with lots of locals
3) Make a difference to someone’s life through education
4) Spend the day at a sea-turtle nesting ground
5) Stay in a rainforest hut and wake up to the sounds of the forest
6) Warm yourself in a thermal pool in Iceland while it’s cold outside
7) Enjoy a braai after a hard day’s work on a project in South Africa
8) Cycle through blissfully beautiful paddy fields
9) Learn a new language
10) Spending a year in Asia?  Better learn how to use chopsticks!

11) Conquer your fear of heights – Bungee jump!

12) Get lost – the best things are found when lost
13) Climb the highest mountain your budget and your nerves permit
14) Treat yourself to a snazzy camera and document your journey through beautiful photos
15) Stroll through the bustling markets and pick up a bite to eat
16) File and sort all of your wonderful lesson plans so you can use them again and again
17) Be so far from your normal life you don’t even know what day of the week it is and you don’t even care!
18) Spend at least two months not wearing shoes at all (only flip-flops if necessary!)
19) Watch the sun go down and come back up in the same day!
20) Alpaca, snails, insects…whatever the local delicacy, try it!  You only live once.

21) Follow great smells through a faraway town until you find your dream meal

22) Drive in a foreign country – whether that’s a car or joining the masses in Vietnam by motorbike

23) Girls – ditch the makeup. Guys – give the gel a miss!
24) Go on a cookery course in Thailand
25) Write a letter! There’s nothing better than getting post, so stay in contact with loved ones at home by writing a good old fashioned letter.
26) Grab some friends and go to a music festival or open-air concert.
27) Go in search of history by visiting the oldest building in your city/town/village
28) Make history!
29) Ride an elephant
30) Take part in the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea

31) Check out the oldest National Park in South-East Europe – Plitvice lakes in Croatia

32) Travel by all modes of transport…yep tuk-tuk included!
33) Brazil?  RIO CARNIVAL!
34) Sleep somewhere interesting – camp under the stars, sleep in a hammock, in the back of your car on a weekend road trip
35) Decorate your classroom wall with some of your students’ best work
36) Eat at a hawker market in Singapore
37) Save your pennies and go to the poshest restaurant in town
38) Try your hand at surfing
39) Star-gaze in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile
40) Figure out what’s so perfect about the past tense, and what it actually is, and means
41) Explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia

42) Do your weekly shop at a local market

43) Swim with sharks, snorkel with seals and sunbathe with snakes
44) Learn to tango in Buenos Aires
45) See the pandas in Chengu, China.
46) Go to the Biennale Art festival in Venice
47) Search for an exotic bug and keep it as a pet
48) Visit the Taj Mahal before it closes to the public
49) Find a KFL (Korean as a foreign language) teacher who’s as good an EFL teacher as you, so you can finally start speaking like a local
50) Buy a post card from each place you visit – old-fashioned never hurt anyone
51) Spend Christmas with your fellow expats – BBQ Christmas dinner?
52) Finish an epic 2014 by watching the fireworks in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour on New Year’s Eve!

How many did you do in 2014 or have planned for 2015?  Leave us a comment and let us know!


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