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The Great Wall of China

Live and teach for 5 months in amazing China

An i-to-i China TEFL intern works with students at school in Beijing

Get involved with day-to-day school life

TEFL China interns at the Great Wall of China

Make friends for life

Two chinese children eat noodles

Live and teach in the local community

The Bund, Shanghai Waterfront, China

Explore some of the world's most iconic landscapes

i-to-i China TEFL intern samples a scorpion on snack street, Beijing

Try creepy crawlies at Beijing's famous snack street

Ingredients for a traditional hotpot laid out on a table in China

Sample traditional Chinese cuisine (and some not so traditional!)

Chinese performers ride a bike at a circus in Beijing, China

Discover Chinese arts and entertainment

TEFL interns practise Chinese calligraphy in orientation in Beijing

Try your hand at traditional calligraphy

Songshan mountains, China

Explore some of the world's most amazing scenery


Experience the real China spending 5 months living and teaching English in the local community. Scale the Great Wall, visit the mountains of Huangshan, barter in bustling Beijing and hone your English teaching skills in a welcoming host school where you’ll earn a generous monthly allowance. Our in-country partners will be there to support you from start to finish.

View the map of the i-to-i Paid China TEFL Internship

Itinerary, information and insider tips

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i-to-i China intern Danni

I am no longer living for the weekend. If I am at school or at home I feel the same level of contentment and joy. If it’s Monday or Saturday my feelings towards the day are mirrored. I love my work life and my personal life!

Danni, China

China TEFL intern Jacqueline Bantad

Who will I miss the most? My kids. My students have had an immeasurable impact on me, just considering how much time I’ve spent with them over the past few months. I’ll miss the friends I’ve made: both locals (my co-workers) and expats alike.

Jacqueline, China

China TEFL intern Euan Miller

In my head, this trip is pretty much a montage of very warm memories, and it’s been very worthwhile. In practical terms, I’ve now got some teaching experience under my belt that I can take elsewhere if I like.

Euan, China



Getting there

Fly into Beijing airport to be met by a member of in-country staff and transferred to your accommodation where you’ll start your action-packed orientation week.

Welcome to China!

Spend your first week in China getting to know your fellow interns, exploring Beijing and learning about China in exciting orientation sessions. You’ll also spend two days on the TEFL classroom course and even get the chance to learn some Mandarin!

Your teaching experience

Teach English in the local community on the i-to-i Paid China TEFL Internship
You’ll be placed at one of our partner schools in a range of locations across China. During your 4.5 months’ teaching experience, you’ll have plenty of time to assimilate fully into local life and get a sense of what it’s like to live and teach in China.
Each school and student age groups have different requirements, but you’ll likely be teaching five days a week, and for this you’ll get accommodation, some meals and a living allowance of RMB2,000 (about £200 / US$260).
Our in-country partners will be on hand to provide 24/7 remote support in case there are any problems, or even if you just want some insider tips on where to head at the weekend.

After teaching

When you come to the end of your teaching experience, you’ll receive your RMB2500 (roughly £250 / US$320) completion bonus and from there it's up to you. There’s a load to see and do in China, so get out there and explore!

Before you go

What you need:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Be aged 18 and 45 years old
  • To be a native English speaker with a passport from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
  • Completed high school/secondary school
  • Be ready for an adventure teaching English abroad

What you don't need:

  • Prior teaching experience
  • A university degree
  • A second language

Before you set off on your teaching experience, you’ll also need to get TEFL qualified. As part of your internship, you get your training absolutely free:

  • 120 hours online TEFL training – study anywhere, on any device & become a confident English teacher before you go!
  • 20 hours classroom TEFL training – you’ll spend 2 days in China practising hands-on teaching techniques with the other interns.

What will I need to organise?

There are a few things to get sorted before you go – don’t leave it too late!

  • International Flights: You’ll need return flights to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK).
  • Visas: Approximately £150/$200 for an X2 student visa (180 day visa).
  • Visa administration fee: Approximately £190/$270 (in-country partners will advise and assist on this).
  • Police check: You must carry a clean police check. For the UK you’ll need to pay approximately £25 for a Disclosure Scotland. For all other countries, please consult your local police department (costs may vary).
  • Budget: You’ll need to cover costs for extra meals, excursions etc – about £20-£40/$30-$55 a week should suffice.
  • Travel insurance: this is really important – don’t forget to sort yours before you travel! Travel insurance can be complicated – so click here for some great advice from our friends at the FCO.

What's Included?

  • 140 hours of TEFL training
  • Advice & pre-departure preparation
  • Visa support
  • Airport pick-up & transfers
  • Orientation week
  • Tour of Beijing
  • Mandarin lessons
  • Accommodation & weekday meals
  • 5 months’ teaching experience
  • 2000RMB (£200/US$260) monthly living allowance during teaching
  • 2500RMB (£250/US$320) bonus upon completion
  • Ongoing in-country support
  • Certificate and reference on request

What's not included?

  • Flights
  • Visas and visa administration fees
  • Police check
  • Budget: Approximately £20–£40/US$30-US$55 per week
  • Travel insurance

Questions? Call our friendly TEFL advisors on 877 526 3959. We are here to help!

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1226 Reviews
I was very interested in the Vietnam paid internship and spent a lot of time on the phone to an adviser at I-to-I who was very helpful patient and kind and rang me up on regular occasions to reassure me and to answer the hundreds of questions that I had about the internship so that I felt confident enough to cough up the £750 fee which pays for accommodation and the orientation over in Vietnam. One of my questions was about my appearance, I told them that I’ve got very neat, clean dreadlocks and facial piercings and an arm tattoo which covers a scar- but along with this I also mentioned that i intended to wear my hair back in a neat bun and that I was happy to take my piercings out and would obviously cover all tattoos. In response to this I got laughed at, and told not to be silly and that this was absolutely fine as long as I took my piercings out and covered my tattoos as intended. One other question was about the accommodation Surprisingly I-to-I were not able to provide me with any example photos of what the accommodation was going to look like and considering you are making a home there for 5 months you'd think they'd have that covered. Anyway my friend and I painstakingly make the decisions to leave our homes, partners, friends and families to make this massive exciting step towards our new careers. I am already qualified with a 140 hour TEFL qualification and have a degree in English literature so am more than qualified enough for this position so was confident that I was going to accepted and that his was the beginning of a new life for me. I was shocked however after paying £750 to I-to-I to have absolutely no further contact from them after all of the reassurance, not a single word to tell me what would happen next or to congratulate me on my decision. I was handed straight to the partners in Vietnam who sent me an application form to fill out - which I did to a very high standard - I was very confident in the fact that I had all of the necessary qualifications and also had lots of other great qualities necessary in a teacher. I included details of my previous work experience working with children with disabilities. I sent all of this information off very promptly because I am a competent and organised person. It came to sending my documents off which I did once again very promptly. We were asked to send a signed contract which made the entire experience sound awful. On reading the contract I was filled with doubt because it sounded so awful and I was left awake all hours of the night worrying that it was going to be so horrible that I didn’t want to go anymore. It stated that we may be expected to work over 6 days, that we were not allowed to plan trips, that we had to pay for a $75 mandatory invasive health check (which was not made clear by I-to-I it is in the terms and conditions but this should be should stated very clearly as an added cost!!! ) Also had to send them a picture which I did of course including the facial piercings I intended to remove on commencing the internship (not 3 months beforehand) and it was a very lovely photo too. I didn’t think this photo was very consequential I thought it was just to match up to the passport- wasn’t aware it was the main method of deciding on the success of an application. Confident that I’ve got all the qualifications, reassured that my appearance isn’t an issue, I go ahead and tell my landlord that I’m going to be leaving in January to which he replies "that’s great I’m selling up then". So a couple of days later I get an email very bluntly explaining that I have been rejected from the internship and that they refuse to give me any reason for this so that I should get in touch with i-to-i to organise a refund or to see if there is any other experience I can take part in. Excuse me? I am more than qualified and more than competent as I have proven and I have been entirely discriminated against because of my appearance? Which I made clear from the very beginning and was willing to comply with the dress code. Had a very lucky escape because speaking to my teacher friends around the world i-to-i are renowned for messing people around and not sending them their certificates or ripping them off in one sense or another. So I go ahead and ring i-to-i about this and there was absolutely no sympathy, no compassion and I was treated and made to feel as if this was my fault in some way. I was not offered a refund I had to ask for it, I was not offered any other experiences I had to ask about them they did not try in any way to accommodate for the situation or to try and make it less stressful. Now I have to move out of my home for absolutely no reason, am absolutely emotionally drained by the whole experience made to feel like less of a person because of my appearance? I’m sorry but what kind of joke is this ? This is the 21st century !? I understand cultures vary and that this was a professional job but when I’ve already made it clear about my appearance and my intentions to conform, i-to-i have a duty to inform me at least why I was rejected – But of course they can’t because they know this decision is not based on any fair grounds. The girl who talked to me basically laughed and said it’s all cultural and had a "what do you want me to do about it" attitude. A little compassion goes a long way when you’re dealing with human beings. I am absolutely gutted to be treated like this but I’m so relieved that I-to-I or sly-to-sly decided to mess me around BEFORE I got over there for 5 months ! Thanks for the emotional roller coaster sly-to-sly it’s been a blast! Luckily I’m a positive person so used this experience to grow, I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the process. I’ve reinforced in myself that I am more than what I look like, that I am a competent, organised, compassionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, qualified, educated, intelligent, kind, funny and above all interesting person with so much to offer to the right people so I think your partners in Vietnam have missed out on a great opportunity to have me teach their children so I'd like to offer my apologies cause its genuinely their loss. In closing - communicate with people after they've paid you £750 - don't lie about appearance not mattering because it clearly does and make this very clear to anybody out there with a personality a bit more interesting than a wet flannel. - don't treat people like it’s their fault they got rejected - have a bit of compassion - be a bit more polite -dont make people who get rejected ask for a refund, you should be the ones to contact them- offerings support – advice and of course that refund!
The 120 Hours Online i-to-i TEFL course is well structured and it is organized in three sections. The explanations are simple but at the same time detailed to let the individual prepare himself to become an English teacher. All the materials provided are useful. I enjoyed taking this course and I think I will make extensive use of the information found in the future.
This course was awessome, at first i thought i would struggle with the written assessments but everything is provided. I also thought I'd be on the phone asking for help a lot. As i haven't study in a long time, this course has made it easy to get back in there. My feed backs have given me confidence that i can be a worthy teacher. I can't really compare to other online courses but there is value for money.

Rachel on the South Africa TEFL Internship from i-to-i on Vimeo.

Thailand - The best experience of my life from i-to-i on Vimeo.